Filet-o-Fish (Melbourne, Florida. 1965)

George’s Grill (Durham, North Carolina, 1940)


Brian Wilson in his garage, 1967

(via living-in-retro-world)

Bill Haley and the Comets (April, 1956, Hershey, Pennsylvania)

Chinatown, San Francisco (August, 1957)

The Streets of San Francisco (1957, Kodachrome slide)

Baby Got Back ¬†(Dr. Charles E. Wood standing between two contestants in the National Chiropractic Association’s perfect back contest in Los Angeles, Calif., 1927)

Gary Owens onstage with contestants in ape masks during Most Beautiful Ape contest in Century City, Calif., 1972.

SHADES OF PROTEST—At UCLA commencement, Cathy Wolfe wears peace symbol on cap, Sheila Matzold appears without traditional cap and gown, and Sharon Griffith wears a “Peace Now” armband. (1970)

NASTY SURPRISE—A pedestrian gets wet from an unexpected source—a car splashing past at Sunset Blvd. and Reservoir St. (1978)